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Tess Bickerstaff

Tess Bickerstaff

Tess Bickerstaff

Yoga with Tess

A 1:1 yoga class with Tess would be perfect for you if

  • You feel nervous about stepping into a class with other people
  • You have practised for a while but you’re not sure you are doing it right
  • You feel like you have a list of questions you can’t ask in a normal class
  • You feel there is more to yoga and you want deeper explanations
  • You would like to have knowledge on how to safely practise at home on your own
  • You would like to go deeper into your practise and try more advanced postures and breathing techniques
  • You want to play in Tess’s infectious energy and have more fun with your pracitse

Tess Bickerstaff is the Norwich Yoga Central studio director, an international retreat leader and Yoga Alliance Register Teacher (500+ Hours of training) with over 9 years experience living, teaching and practising yoga. 

Tess has studied with some great teachers and gurus, from Swami Atma Gyanam Saraswati, Dylan Werner and Mercy Ananda, to Shiva Dass and Eion Finn and she weaves their knowledge with her own innate brilliance to create deep, playful, heartfelt classes that help you step into the best version of yourself, one posture at a time.

Private Yoga Experience - £45 per session

To book: email Tess at for availability.


Inner Resilience with Tess

Do any of these resonate with you: 

  • I’ve lost my purpose
  • I’ve fallen out of love with my body
  • I’ve struggled with self-doubt and low confidence
  • I feel like I don’t have a tribe and long for deep, rich, nourishing friendships
  • I worry I’m wrong and just can’t make decisions
  • I try and please everyone and feel like I’m worn out
  • I put everyone else before myself and have people pleasing issues
  • The children have grown up and left home and I suddenly don’t know who I am anymore
  • I’ve found myself divorced at a later stage of life

Tess offers Inner Resilience, a bespoke 1:1 mentoring package for women who need to refind themselves after a big life change. Tess is all about helping you fall in love with exploring your edges and being brave enough to make the type of memories that WILL change your life. This mentoring is blended with an experiential immersive element to invite you to reach your potential and have the courage and confidence to live life to the fullest.

Tess’s unique gift is to help you feel confident in a way you’ve never felt before. This type of confidence runs soul deep, it’s so much more than about how you look, it’s the ability to stop holding yourself back, make choices that actually give you what you want and to stretch what you are capable of and be brave enough to live out your wildest dreams. 

Inner Resilience 1:1 Bespoke Mentorship - £65 an hour or £275 for five sessions.

To book your session email Tess 


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I'm Hollieann, I am a Massage Therapist, Personal trainer, Fitness Instructor and Cognitive behavioural therapist. 

My journey began eight years ago with one conversation that changed my life forever.

A few kind, simple words so powerful that they stopped me in my tracks at a time in my life which was full of turbulence, uncertainty and highlighted an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise and mental health. 

This has shaped my approach to coaching and therapy both in and out of the studio, and it is my aspiration to be that voice for many others. Starting with assessing our preconceived notions of body image and our relationship with ourselves, identifying limiting beliefs which we may be aware of, but also those which are hiding under the surface. Rebuilding our foundations, our relationship with our bodies  which shaped our behaviours and how we see ourselves in this world for the rest of our lives. Then striving for a future full of strength in both mind and body. 

My treatments are truly a gift I can give to my clients. Having space within your day, to focus solely on you. Within a safe and nourishing space where you can unload, unwind and heal.

Whether you are looking for a Sports massage with its variety of techniques and joint mobilisation for muscle performance, injury rehabilitation and prevention. Or Deep tissue massage with longer flowing movements between deeper techniques to reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness. Each treatment is bespoke to every client with additional support, advice and exercises after the treatment.

Healing hands with a softer approach with these gorgeous holistic treatments. Indian Head massage, a treatment like no other, using ancient indian techniques to increase circulation, reduces stress, incorporating the back, neck, head and face.

Hot Stone massage: The heated volcanic stones are placed on the chakra points to align and balance the energy centres, creating a truly relaxing state of mind along with complete surrender from the body. 

Reflexology, Egyptians and Chinese techniques, rebalancing chakras by stimulating the thousands of nerves in the hands and feet connected to each of the organs within the body. 

Luxury Facials, bespoke treatment for your unique skin type, including a luxurious facial massage. 

For more information about the treatments head on over to my website

And I look forward to meeting and treating you soon!



Marie Williams

Marie Williams

Marie Williams

Yoga & Yoga Therapy with Marie 

Marie has been teaching yoga since training in India in 2018. Since then she has furthered her training in various styles of yoga and in 2020 she began her Yoga Therapy Diploma with The Minded Institute in London, graduating in January 2023. She has now spent over 1000 hours training and learning, alongside experiencing first-hand, the wisdom and science behind the healing practices of yoga.

At Norwich Yoga Central, Marie offers Yoga and Yoga Therapy 1-1's. Her private sessions are about guiding you to connect with your body-mind environment through embodied movement, weaving breathwork and mindful reflections throughout to continually ground you in the here and now of your experience. She holds a tender space for you to return home to yourself and find your way back to a more grounded centre. She is passionate about the nervous system and uses yoga practices to build resilience, as well as to support the body's innate capacity for healing.

As a Yoga Therapist, she is passionate about supporting people’s physical and mental health by sharing the therapeutic tools that yoga can offer each individual in order to facilitate health and healing on all levels. She is particularly passionate about working with people to reduce their pain and suffering; working with individuals and groups that suffer from long-term health conditions, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and trauma related suffering. Her role is to help people manage their conditions and alleviate symptoms, as well as reducing further decline in health and in some cases, working towards full recovery, health and healing.

To work with Marie 1-1, please contact her via email to make an inquiry:

Marie Williams
Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist
IG: @mariewilliamsyoga




Treatments at The Restoration Room 

Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy - encompasses deep tissue massage, myofascial release, sports massage and remedial massage all in one session. Designed to assess and treat everyone from athletes to office workers it's an effective one stop shop for pain, tension and movement restrictions.  

Holistic Massage - is all about embodiment.  

These sessions encourage a deep state of calm and offer a safe space in which the body and mind are free to relax and unwind. 

Each massage is unique and includes a combination of slow soothing strokes, myofascial work, light stretches, nurturing holds and a balance of positions and pressures right for you on the day.  

Holistic Massage with Reflexology or Reiki 

Use the "add-on" feature when you book and I will carefully incorporate 20 minutes of Reflexology or Reiki to your massage. 


The little treatment that gives so much! Reflexology can be used to rejuvenate, restore and rebalance. It's great for relaxation, symptoms of stress and easing common complaints, including those of pregnancy.  

It uses gentle pressures applied to reflex points as well as light touch and sensitive energetic linking between systems, structures, mind and emotions to bring peace and balance. Each session is tailored to you. 

Usui Reiki 

Reiki promotes a sense of peace, calm, clarity and wellbeing. It can also encourage grounding and connectedness. Great as a regular practice or during times of transformation. 

Full hour sessions apply Reiki to the whole being via the 7 chakras of the body.

Works well with other therapies, including yoga, meditation and self inquiry. 

For more information go to the website 

Or go directly to the online self booking diary 

I look forward to treating you 💜 


Regine Kerschbaumer

Regine Kerschbaumer

Regine Kerschbaumer

Regina Kerschbaumer a holistic wellbeing expert and have over three decades of body work experience. Apart from teaching a yoga, meditation and mindfulness, she is also a practicing Bowen and IFS Therapist  and are now available to offer these treatment here at Norwich Yoga Central
 “The Bowen Technique is a catalyst in enabling the body to heal itself’.
 Bowen is a very effective, gentle, hands-on, non-invasive, holistic therapy  - performed through light clothing - which is very relaxing and restore balance to the body, allowing it to open to it’s own healing powers.
Symptoms reported to respond to Bowen:
*  Enhance joint mobility  and relief muscular skeletal problems – frozen shoulder. sciatica, back/hip, legs and knee pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, neck tension, M.E, M.S, Whiplash, RSI, TMJ dysfunction or jaw problems.
*                Acute and sporting injuries – shortening recovery time, improving mobility and suppleness.
*                Improving circulation – skin, lymphatic and nervous system.
*                Digestive problems – constipation, IBS, acid reflux.
*                Respiratory problems – asthma, hay fever, sinus congestion and respiratory difficulties.
*                Reduce Stress

The Internal Family Systems - IFS - also known as ‘parts therapy’ is a powerfully transformative form of psychotherapy emphasises the natural multiplicity of the mind.

Do you need to Overcome emotions that are holding you back?   If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation? Or are you just ready to move in a new direction in your life? Set yourself free and find wholeness with IFS!

As humans we are multidimensional beings – made up of many aspects or “parts” that take on different roles, such as an inner critic or inner child, and consist of wounded parts and painful feelings like anger, doubt and shame. In IFS therapy we invite and welcome all ‘parts’ with the grounding assumption is that there are no bad parts, but only parts forced into bad roles.  When a client learns how to access Self, they can then heal the wounded parts and bring the mind/systems into balance and harmony allowing them to become more Self-led. The natural side effect of this healing and integration is a reduction in problematic or symptomatic behaviour.

IFS is used to treat a range of mental health disorders including anxiety,  substance misuse, depression, PTSD and eating disorders.

Contact: 07876 133036


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