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£65 INCLUDES A 5 CLASS PASS (minimum of 8 hours yoga within the price)

Learn the basics in one afternoon!

So you have heard that Yoga may be good for you, but you don't know where to start, or you've tried a few online classes and not sure if you are doing it right?, or you are returning to the practsise and would like a refresh, this workshop is just for you.

In this three hour afternoon session held at our studio in the city centre, you will discover all the reasons why Yoga is such a wonderful tool to help keep your body, mind and spirit in tiptop condition, all for such a small investment really, financially and time wise too. You will be instructed by our senior teacher Tess, who teaches from her heart with passion and a pinch of fun in this is a learning environment where you will be able to ask questions, go over old ground and head for new horizons. Yoga is for everybody, and we believe every 'body' needs Yoga, so jump in and book this course and look forwards to a better version of you.

This workshop allows you to learn the basics in one afternoon and then use the five classes included to attend the class that suits your schedual or ability, you will be advised at the end of the session which classes will be best for you.

If you have a reasonable range of movement and no serious health issues, and you can get up off the floor and walk up a flight of stairs you'll be ok, If you are in any doubt as to your suitability then please do email us and we will call you straight back.

Please bring your own mat, water and maybe a notepad and pen.

Start Dates are-

January 6th 2-5pm
January 20th 2-5pm
February 10th 2-5pm
February 24th 2-5pm
March 30th 2-5pm

£65 IN ADV.

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A Winters Bear Hug with Cat

I'll be holding a Winter Bear Hug Workshop on Sunday 11th FEB 2-4pm


This workshop will be connecting in with the Water Element within Chinese Medicine, and the two Meridians associated with this season, Kidney & Bladder Channels.

I will be weaving in all my practices, so we can enjoy a rich practice together; Self-Shiatsu & perhaps partner work, acupressure points, Qigong & energy work, freeform of movement through poetry and of course some yummy Yoga!

Sharing a nourishing practice for you to help you draw in and hunker down, resonating the inner landscape with the season outside to get us ready for the winter

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio soon!
Cat xx
p.s teas and hearty beetroot chocolate cake served afterwards are included in the price!

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Drama Skills for Confidence

Starts Mondays March 4th

Have you ever shied away from social interaction?
Do you speak quietly?
Are you worried of looking silly around people?
Maybe you live with anxiety or depression?
Or, you would just like a little more confidence to make those important life decisions....

Or, you just love Drama and would love to explore it more!

So this is for you!. Join Tess for four consecutive Mondays and discover how these skills can help you in your everyday life or join that AmDram Society youv'e always wanted to!

Memory skills, Word play, Movement, Improvisation, Script writing, Performing and Speach will all be covered in this fun and engaging course, book now as only ten places!

£75 For the four week course.

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Womens MotorBike Day

with Tess


I love MOTORBIKES! And I want to share that with you!! 

You will meet at my home near Mulbarton at 8am and I will drive you and three other woman out to Cambridgeshire where you will be taught to ride a Moto X bike for the day. All safety equipment is provided as is the CRF125cc motorbike, so please don't worry if you have never ridden as you will be taught very slowly from scratch. 
This is a very empowering day, and my aim is to show you just how goddamn amazing you really are, you will walk away feeling that I can assure you. 

These days are about building resilience. Getting you out of your comfort zone and seeing what your mettle is actually made of.
These days are not just a day out, I out them on as sometimes life sends you a curveball, and unless you have a reserve of inner strength you may crumble. I got to where I am through constant pushing of my boundaries and its what has given me my strength. So let me show you how its done, join me, we'll have the best time!

               "If Tess had told me what we were doing I wouldn't have gone, I just ddn't think it was my thing, but I am so glad I did as it was the best day ever!!!

Only 4 spaces, and 2 have already been booked so don"t hesitate, literally jump on this now!!!


Ready to book now online with a £50 deposit. Balance payable 14 days prior.


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Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers workshop

with Tess

Do you ever think,

"I'm not sure that feels like the right thing a mother should be saying to her daughter?" or, "my mom just takes all the limelight!" or "why does my mum seem jealous of me!?"....

Well this might be for you....

Initially, this will be a discussion group, so you can be heard, and hear, the stories of those with Narcissistic Mothers.

There will be a releasing Yoga sequence to help shift the energy stored in our bodies so that the stories flow freely where we can find support and solace in our shared experiances.

This will lead to a full day or even a weekend retreat to really help heal the Mother Wound. 

Ready to book with just a single class pass online now.


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