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Namaskaram Yogi, and welcome to your teacher mentoring page from Norwich Yoga Central.

Please scroll though our current teacher workshop opportunities and do contact us direct if you have any questions, we are here to help and assist wherever we can.

Embodied Sequencing from the Heart

People buy People, and there are only so many Yoga poses and so many sequences anyone can come up with, right!?

So, what makes YOUR class different? YOU! That’s who, that’s your superpower, and in this workshop, we will look at what it is that makes you special and get that to stand out like a massive neon buddha! :O).

We will look at the traditional sequencing curve of a class, and make sure that you have nailed that in your head, before we move on to how to structure a class that is engaging and heartfelt where your personality is keenly felt by all that attend, drawing them back time and again to your amazing classes. I will show you how to be courageous in the moment and allow a class to unfold spontaneously feeling the mood and going with it, to teaching with themes and postures building into journeys, it’s all possible.

So jump on this workshop and liven up your February with me and start the journey of becoming the teacher you always wanted to be,

See you soon,


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