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We are so excited to bring this insanely awesome guy to NYC, save the date and get this booked!!!


Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with special interests in biomechanics and psycho-spiritual practices. He is one of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians who share the teachings of Forrest Yoga practices as close to their original form. Jambo’s method of teaching is fun and very light with the idea that we need these qualities in order to work with our shadows effectively. His style is deliberately memorable and he enjoys to work with the injuries that are in the room so that we all learn in real time.

He frequently travels teaching workshops based on Forrest Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Native practices of the Medicine People. When he is not teaching workshops he stays close to the workshop location to deliver private sessions for bodywork based on his multi-disciplinary practice of structural alignment, muscles testing and classical East Asian medicine. As a Forrest Yoga Guardian and travelling assistant to Ana Forrest, he is committed to delivering the healing practice of Forrest Yoga in its most authentic form. He supplements asana workshops with sessions on functional anatomy, neuro-science, applied kinesiology and structural bodywork.

1st Oct 12pm

The Nectar Of Pleasure

Pleasure is an antidote to pain and by exploring how pleasure shows up within us enables us to be guided to discern good and bad pain.

During this workshop Jambo explains the anatomy of pleasure and how to know if a stretch is beneficial or not. By learning how to tune into the receptors in our muscles we can quickly learn and re-learn the way we read comfort, healing and integration.

12-1.30pm Ceremony (songs, mantras & pranayama)

1.45-3.15pm The Pleasure of Back Bends
This play-shop is built on the principles of Forrest Yoga sequencing and biomechanics as a method to experience all the sensations that are beneficial in knowing when it comes to cultivating therapeutic or advanced back bends.

This is a mixed level class with spaces to work on hands on assists which can be given verbally or with touch.

3.15-4pm Meditation

2nd Oct 11am
Unfuck Your Back

Sitting has been challenged in recent years because of the ways that we have been urged to live (& sit at home). This workshop informs practitioners on the effectiveness of sitting and the problems that can be caused when we sit incorrectly. Walking is an inherent part of the human experience but we do less of it now, this in turn has huge effects on our body.

Expect to examine yoga poses and hands on assists that are beneficial for tight hips, rounded shoulders, weak cores and stiff backs!

11-12 Ceremony (songs, mantra, pranayama)
12.15-1.45 Asana for right hips shoulders and back pain
1.45-2 break
2-3 techniques to engage stability in the places that support walking, sitting and standing.

£65 per workshop
£120 for both
£110 early bird if booked before June 30th.


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For beginners

Armbalanacing makes you concentrate there's no doubt about that! And in doing so brings you right into the moment, thus making it a very mindful and centering practise. There is nothing like the feeling when you nail your first Side Crow or Funky Pigeon and a little party goes off in your head, its an amazing feeling, something that show you that you can, when you really thought you couldn't. These can then be incorporated into Vinyasa Flows or done on their own to improve concentration and strength. So jump on this fun and liberating workshop with Tess and get your hands planted for some arm balance fun.

SATURDAY July 30th. 2-4PM. £20

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Do you know what motivates you? Do you care? Are you inquistive as to the inner landscape of your mind? Are you willing to go deeper into your self? Perhaps touch on that Shadow self you've been turning away from?....
In this workshop with Tess you will use movement to explore how you think in the moment, and how you react mentally to your own responses. 
This will be illuminating, if you let it.
Yoga is about self study, discipline and knowing the self and in this Asana based workshop we try to peel back the layers that keep the real you hidden. Are you prepared to go there?.......
You know with Tess there will be planty of laughs as well, so come and enjoy this thought provoking afternoon.



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Hey there BeachBabes and SurfBums!! Have you ever wanted to learn how to cruise a wave??? Well you're in the right place! Welcome to a day on the beach in this mini retreat held on the north Norfolk coast with Tess and the Glide Surf school in Cromer. We will meet at East Runton car park and head on down to the beach for a surf inspired vinyasa flow practise with some fun partner yoga poses as well, then you'll be served an artisan vegetarian lunch beach side before heading into Cromer to have a beginners surf lesson, don't worry you'll only be in waist high water and will be given all the equipment and certified instruction from Tess. These days are great fun and always sell out so jump on it real quick as there are only 8 places on each event. No refund once booked. If we cancel due to weather you will receive an alternative date or a full refund. Please bring your Mat, some water, swimwear, a towel, and suncream/hat. Please do advise of any dietary requirements too.

JUNE 24TH 7.30AM-2PM
JULY 22ND 1PM-7.30PM
AUGUST 26TH 10-4.30PM


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With Swami Hamsa

We are so lucky to have this seminar offered by one of Yogas most inspiring new Swamis, who comes from a generation that understands the contempory way of imparting ancient knowledge. This introduction evening and two day event, will give yoga students of all abilities a chance to discover the origins of Om and why we use this in Yoga. Over your time with Swami Hamsa, you will be directed inwardly, working with Nada yoga, Chanting, Asana and Meditation. You will begin to unravel into the spaciousness of your heart, and discover the profundity of Om within its simplicity. This seminar will be available in the west until Swami Hamsa returns to her project in the Himalayas in Spring 2023.
Held in our beautiful white sanctuary nestled above the city streets of Norwich, this will be a truly remarkable event, and it not often we get the presence of such a lady in the Yoga world so don't miss this deep dive immersion into the true way of Yoga and as such is illuminating and cathartic.
There will be breaks through the sessions, do bring food to share, and drinks will be provided.
Not to be missed......


Full price £195

With profits going to Indian childrens project that Hamsa is working with.

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